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Vegan Mofo Pancakes: I got a late start

pankes 002As you can see, the boyfriend quite enjoyed the pumpkin pancakes and fried cinnamon apples.  We woke up this morning and other than being surprised by my period, it’s a beautiful day outside!  It’s finally cooling down so I can wear hoodies and scarves without a problem.

We have been having a tradition lately of breakfast for dinner on Saturday nights, one that I’m pretty sure will be carrying on.  Pumpkin for me just screams fall and everything fall I love.  Apple cider, the smell of the leaves turning colors, the crickets at night and just, everything!

So pumpkin pancakes from VwaV and fried apples, something my mom always made me as a kid, were just the thing for tonight’s dinner.  Who could resist this pretty pile of pancakes?

pankes 004Until tomorrow!  Have fun cooking, everyone!


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One Response

  1. Susan says:

    Pancakes are awesome any time of the day.

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